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Johnson Industries has been manufacturing dependable, reliable, and innovative equipment for the mining industry since 1981. A combined 85 years of actual mining experience allows us to understand the needs of the coal mine operator. This knowledge has been an integral part of the development of a full line of underground personnel carriers, a patented coal auger sampling system and other products capable of meeting your needs in the industries of mining, utility, municipality, communication, airport, factory, industrial, construction, medical, recreation and more.


As with any commodity, the coal consumer and supplier want to be assured they are receiving and supplying the correct quality of product.  The Uni-Sampler was developed to retrieve coal samples for testing from coal trucks, rail cars, and river or ocean barges.  Depending on the customer need, the Uni-Sampler can be manufactured as a stationary pier-mounted unit, a mobile unit, a rail-mounted unit, or a boat/barge mounted unit.


Johnson Industries is your trusted manufacturer and provider of mining vehicles. Long before the Johnson Brothers were building mining equipment for coal miners, we were digging coal with fellow coal miners. What better credentials would a manufacturer of mining equipment need?

  • AC Mining Vehicles
  • DC Mining Vehicles
  • Diesel Mining Vehicles
  • Tunnel Vehicles
  • Permissible Mining Vehicles
  • Rail Vehicles


Johnson Industries is your trusted manufacturer and provider of burden vehicles. Whether you are carrying debris, supplies, or people, quality burden vehicles from Johnson Industries will get the job done. We understand the inner workings of burden carriers and equipment first hand because we have "hands on" experience that some manufacturers may lack. That speaks well for the quality of equipment Johnson Industries manufactures, and explains the unsullied reputation we have earned over the years.

  • Ground Support Vehicles
  • Utility Vehicles


Johnson Industries’ Portable Battery Bank Stations are specifically designed for electric utilities to safely provide a temporary DC source while the main station battery is being maintained or replaced. Powered with lead acid batteries, the battery banks can be designed to any amp hour or voltage to meet specific needs.

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