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Welcome to the McNational, Inc. group of companies. For over 100 years, the McNational, Inc. companies have provided reliable transportation, equipment, and repair services to the marine industry. McNational, Inc. continues to expand their service capabilities and locations to serve broader markets. Today, the company has an extensive fleet of harbor boats and shipyards on the Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi rivers.

Case Study

The Task

McNational, Inc. sought out the experts at GraFitz Group Network in order to produce a quarterly company ad to appear in The Waterways Journal, a national industrial marine trade magazine. McNational is a multi-faceted industrial marine service company, providing services ranging from cleaning, repair, painting, and new boat construction, to electrical work, welding, and authorized engine dealing. McNational, Inc. wanted to create company advertisements for The Waterways Journal that accurately portrayed the company’s high standards and the wide range of services they provided. GraFitz Group Network would be responsible for conveying all of this information accurately, practically, and in a way that was aesthetically pleasing.

The Opportunity

The team at GraFitz Group Network set about creating quarterly ads that highlighted various aspects of McNational, including their various services and locations. As we organized information about the company, we began learning a lot about what McNational, Inc. was and what they had to offer. The corporate identity that was McNational actually housed several company divisions in different locations. A range of services were offered at each location, and each division had its own brand under the umbrella of McNational, Inc.

We discovered that each of the McNational divisions had several websites under its banner. This resulted in a web of information that made it more difficult for clients and potential clients to learn exactly what services McNational offered, at which locations, and under what name.

GraFitz Group Network immediately recognized an opportunity for web optimization that would make McNational, Inc. more accessible to clients and potential clients, as well as simplify the process for managing the content of the company website(s). Our team approached McNational with our proposal to overhaul their existing websites, and unify them under the McNational corporate identity.

Our Strategy

McNational agreed to a total web overhaul with a new, consistent web identity for all of their divisions, locations, and services. GraFitz Group Network undertook to develop a sleek, user friendly web aesthetic that encompassed all of McNational’s divisions under the corporate name, while also keeping the brand of each division intact. Within the McNational, Inc. corporate website, we would link each division to its location, each location to the services it offered, and each service to the locations that offered them. Our goal was to make the process as easy as possible for any website visitor to find exactly what they were looking for.

Our Objectives

  • Combine all divisions and services of McNational, Inc. into a single, easy-to-navigate website
  • Reinforce the McNational name and brand, while keeping the brand of each division intact
  • Expound on who McNational is and what they do
  • A company website total reconstruction to expound on all aspects of the company’s services, linking divisions to locations, locations to services, and services to locations
  • Optimize company website in order to spread the word about McNational, Inc. and make their website readily available to clients and potential clients

The Research

The first step to any marketing strategy is to understand our client and the industry in which they operate. The team at GraFitz Group Network immediately set to work researching the marine industry. We gathered information on all services McNational provided or could potentially provide, as well as researching those extensive services and the expert tradesmen they employ. This meant pouring over information, conducting a competitive analysis, opportunities for company growth, and the best presentation possibilities for this industry.

The Process

The creative team at GraFitz Group Network first undertook to reimagine McNational’s existing corporate website. We engaged in a complete, from-the-ground-up website overhaul, creating a look that honored the company’s existing aesthetic, but enhancing it with sleek, bold, versatile design.

McNational, Inc. is a company at the top of its field, and we believe that their website should be as well. Referencing the existing brand with bold red and blue color schemes, strong angles, and top-of-the-line interfaces, the McNational website quickly became a web presence worth taking notice of in the industry. The team at GraFitz Group Network began utilizing our extensive SEO and Key Word Ranking services to ensure that McNational’s customers and potential customers would have no problems searching them out on the web.

Once we had established a web presence for McNational, which would be an extensive information source for their customers, their printed ads and website services were able to accurately mirror one another. GraFitz Group Network was exploring a variety of avenues to expound upon McNational, who they are, and what they do.

What We Did


McNational got a cutting-edge, top-of-the-line look with their CMS platform website relaunch from GraFitz Group Network. This redesign features in-depth information on services McNational provides, as well as the company divisions and locations, making their new website user friendly for clients in need of any service, in any area. The web designers at GraFitz Group Network also incorporated a mobile responsive design, so that is fully functional on tablets, phones and mobile devices, as well as desktop computers and laptops. 

SEO & Key Word Ranking

The SEO experts at GraFitz Group Network worked hard to ensure that McNational would be readily accessible to their clients and potential clients. Everything from content, page titles, tags, and keywords is incorporated into making sure that our websites appear in a first page google search listing across the country.

Print Design

The original goal of the GraFitz Group Network team, developing quarterly McNational, Inc. ads to appear in The Waterways Journal, a national marine industry trade magazine, was only enhanced by our development of the new website. As we worked on creating memorable print design, we wanted to reinforce a consistent look for the McNational, Inc. brand, as well as the brand of each division represented. It was essential that all print collateral, marketing materials, and presentation materials reflect the same information as the McNational, Inc. web presence.

The Conclusion

The team at GraFitz Group Network was given a project by a client, and managed to take that project to the next level. At GraFitz Group Network, we care about the growth of your business; it’s our favorite part of our job. When we see opportunities to help our clients grow and expand their business, we’re always ready to tackle the challenge.

For McNational, Inc., this meant a complete web overhaul. GraFitz Group Network has assisted in making McNational more accessible to potential clients, more able to keep customers informed about who they are and what they do, and has ultimately provided avenues for McNational to shine as the high quality marine industrial dealer, maintenance, and repair company they are. Our goal at GraFitz Group Network is to help your business show off everything you do, and let the world know you’re out there. Our team will take up any challenge to help your business make that happen.

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