Akme Drug Testing

Akme Drug Testing is a locally owned and operated company providing dedicated, first class drug/alcohol collection services on a temporary or long-term basis. We work with qualified collection sites nationwide and always use DHHS Certified Labs. Our labs provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services through a national network of primary clinical laboratories and specialty testing laboratories.

Case Study

The Task

The experts at GraFitz Group Network were the team that Akme Drug Testing LLC needed for their new company website.

Akme Drug Testing LLC is a drug, alcohol, and DNA testing company providing a complete package of testing capability to suit your requirements. They pride themselves on the fact that we adhere to strict regulations and provide DNA testing results that are admissible in a court of law. Akme Drug Testing offers pre-employment, post-accident, and random drug and alcohol testing for a variety of corporate clients, both DOT and non-DOT. Their staff is certified and professionally trained to conduct testing. They conduct on-site testing as required, and provide 20 years’ experience in the elite drug testing industry. The team at GraFitz Group Network readily saw that Akme Drug Testing was on top of their game.

The only problem was: Akme Drug Testing didn’t have a website, and that meant a whole section of online marketing was being overlooked. Akme Drug Testing had a lot to offer, and the team at GraFitz Group Network was determined to make sure the Tri-State knew it.

The Opportunity

The team at GraFitz Group Network immediately saw the high quality and professionalism of Akme Drug Testing. On site testing reduces the risk of employee tampering and adulteration of test samples, lowers the risk for offsite employee injury due to travel, and expedites the return of the employee to the workforce, thereby reducing the loss of worktime and productivity. Akme Drug Testing was a great solution for companies with shift workers and 24 hour businesses. Making this knowledge available to customers and potential customers through a platform such as a search engine optimized, information packed website would be a huge benefit for a company like Akme Drug Testing.

The team at GraFitz Group Network wanted to create a company website that accurately portrayed Akme Drug Testing’s highly professional drug, alcohol, and DNA testing. GraFitz Group Network would be responsible for conveying all of this information accurately, practically, and in a way that was aesthetically pleasing.

Our team began working with Akme Drug Testing to build an amazing website that would highlight the extensive services and high quality offered by Akme Drug Testing. 

Our Strategy

Akme Drug Testing agreed to an extensively informative, brand new website in order to further expand their clientele. GraFitz Group Network undertook to develop a sleek and up-to-date website design for Akme Drug Testing, while remaining true to the company’s original aesthetic, and reflecting their core values.

Our Objectives

  • Reinforce the company brand through consistent web design
  • Expound on who Akme Drug Testing is and what they do
  • A company website launch to expound on all aspects of the company’s services
  • Optimize company website to spread the word about Akme Drug Testing

The Research

The first step to any marketing strategy is to understand our client and the industry in which they operate. The team at GraFitz Group Network immediately set to work researching the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing industry. We gathered information on all the industries and businesses Akme Drug Testing served or could potentially serve, as well as researching the extensive services and high quality they offer. This meant pouring over information, conducting a competitive analysis, opportunities for company growth, and the best presentation possibilities for this industry.

The Process

Organized, clean, and user friendly was our goal for the Akme Drug Testing website. GraFitz Group Network sought to ensure that visitors to the site could readily find exactly what they were looking for—but also for visitors to be aware of just how many options they had. In addition to organizing this mass of information, we sought to create a look that honored the company’s existing aesthetic, but enhanced it with sleek, bold, versatile design.

Akme Drug Testing is a company at the top of their field, and we believe that their website should be as well. Using striking green and orange color schemes, clean lines, and top-of-the-line interfaces, the Akme Drug Testing website quickly became a web presence worth taking notice of in the industry.

Once we had established a web presence for Akme Drug Testing, which would be an extensive information source for their customers, the team at GraFitz Group Network began utilizing our extensive SEO and Key Word Ranking services to ensure that Akme Drug Testing’s customers and potential customers would have no problems searching them out on the web.

What We Did


Akme Drug Testing got a clean, top-of-the-line look with their website launch from GraFitz Group Network. This website features in-depth information on industries and businesses Akme Drug Testing served or could potentially serve, as well as the extensive services they offer. We also organized the website so all of this information could be readily accessed. We integrated elements such as social media and contact/ information request forms in order to further simplify interaction. The web designers at GraFitz Group Network also incorporated a mobile responsive design, so that akmedrugtesting.com is fully functional on tablets, phones and mobile devices, as well as desktop computers and laptops. 

SEO & Key Word Ranking

The SEO experts at GraFitz Group Network worked hard to ensure that Akme Drug Testing would be readily accessible to their clients and potential clients. Everything from content, page titles, tags, and keywords is incorporated into making sure that our websites appear in a first page google search listing across the country.

Social Media

The experts at GraFitz Group Network also integrated the company’s Facebook page into the new website. This contributed to the company’s overall branding cohesion, and allowed more avenues for spreading the word about Akme Drug Testing’s services.

Content Writing

Using the information we gathered from the staff at Akme Drug Testing, as well as from our own research on the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing industry, the copywriting team at GraFitz Group Network wrote and provided content for the Akme Drug Testing website. Our team sought to accurately represent the company and their services, as well as making as much information as possible available to customers and potential customers. Our copywriters also incorporate important keywords in order to help potential customers find exactly what they’re looking for when searching out services through google and other search engines.

The Conclusion

The team at GraFitz Group Network was given a project by a client, and managed to take that project to the next level. At GraFitz Group Network, we care about the growth of your business; it’s our favorite part of our job. When we see opportunities to help our clients grow and expand their business, we’re always ready to tackle the challenge.

For Akme Drug Testing, this meant a brand new website offering extensive information for customers, and placing them a cut above the crowd in the web world. GraFitz Group Network has assisted in making Akme Drug Testing more accessible to potential clients, more able to keep customers informed about who they are and what they do, and has ultimately provided avenues for Akme Drug Testing to shine as the high quality drug, alcohol, and DNA testing company they are. Our goal at GraFitz Group Network is to help your business show off everything you do, and let the world know you’re out there. Our team will take up any challenge to help your business make that happen.  

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