IP Targeting

IP Targeting

IP targeting matches physical addresses to IP addresses, making it easier for customers and potential customers to be reached through online advertising. When seeking IP targeting opportunities, the advertiser must provide a list of existing customers or prospects, while we match the physical mailing address to the “mailbox” of the computer. Your normal display ads can be used in IP targeting, with a guarantee to reach your online target. You will not have any wasted web impressions with IP targeting, and since no cookies are involve, browser wipes won’t affect your program. 

Key Benefits

  • No cookies are involved because IP addresses are stored on a server, so cookie deletion does not affect the program.
  • Target homes and businesses with this web entry point. 
  • Don’t “waste” web impressions; reach your target audience 100% of the time. 
  • Inform prospective customers of your upcoming events days or weeks in advance, and engage in follow-up messaging. 

Cluster IP Targeting

A great tool for targeting both homes and businesses, IP targeting with GraFitz Group Network enables you to keep your customers aware of your business activities, alert them of mailing events, and provide follow-up messages. Cluster IP targeting is also effective for reaching your “ideal” audience when targeting certain demographic information from public records. This can help expand your existing clientele by creating a look-a-like audience. Cluster IP targeting is also more cost-effective than direct mail, but allows you to accomplish the same audience goals. 

IP targeting with GraFitz Group Network will get your advertisements right where you want them, in the browsers of your ideal audience and existing customer base. If you have an address, we can deliver your digital advertisements to that addressee. Learn more about IP targeting from the team at GraFitz Group Network today. 

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