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Does your family have memories and precious moments trapped on Betamax tapes?

Just like VHS and all other analog video formats, Betamax tapes’ picture, color, and quality suffer and deteriorate after only 5 years. An excess amount of home movies, precious moments, and family memories were captured on these Betamax tapes. This is a major problem today; during the 80’s Betamax was used and eventually became obsolete to VHS. Nowadays, trying to find a Betamax player can be difficult and very expensive. So, before you lose those memories forever, let GraFitz Group Network convert them into DVDs.

Start converting your loving memories from Betamax to DVD today. Just contact GraFitz Group Network today and let us save all of your most precious memories. We provide transfers for VHS to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, and Betamax to DVD.

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