Why Retargeting Matters

Retargeting with GraFitz Group Network helps bring back to your site visitors who didn’t act on their first visit. 98% of shoppers do not convert on their first visit! Retargeting helps shoppers find their way back to your site when they’re ready to take action. 

Investing in retargeting helps direct visitors to your site, so you’re not depending on blind luck!

Retargeting is a great way to reach people seeking similar content, and providing them with a path to your site as they search online. 

Understanding Retargeting 

GraFitz Group Network provides retargeting services utilizes simple JavaScript codes to help remind your site visitors to come back later. When a visitor enters your website, this code causes a browser cookie to be dropped onto their computer. When the user is surfing the web, this cookie will generate your ad on popular sites, allowing the visitor additional exposure. This is a great tool, because it focuses on users who have already visited your site and shown interest in your product or brand. The user can click on the ad and return to your website, ready to act! 

Reasons for Retargeting

  • Frequency—Repeatedly viewing your targeted advertisements helps provide recognition and trust for your brand. The more users encounter your brand in media, the more likely they will make return visits to your site. 
  • Data Feedback—The things you know about your current site visitor will help you gather what you need to find new visitors. People with similar interests are relevant targets for advertisers. 
  • Audience Segmentation—Relevant ads are better ads. Understanding the interests of your clientele and site visitors will help you generate ads relevant to those users. Relevant ads mean better responses. 
  • Conversions—Retargeting helps keep your message in front of potential buyers, which will help convert visitors to buyers! 

An Investment 

Retargeting is a valuable investment in your business. Every day investments keep visitors and potential buyers thinking of your business, so when they are ready to buy, they turn to you. People who are considering a product or service will remember your business as the result of repeated exposure. Invest in your business by investing in a retargeting strategy. 

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